Our Services


 The Base to our entire operation, turnkey framing packages have allowed our customers to change the way they think about the framing of their project.  Regardless of your type of construction project, from commercial to multi-family, turnkey framing packages from Patriot offer a guaranteed fixed price budget for the frame of your projects.  A single monthly invoice for the entire frame of your project is something many general contractors and developers have always dreamed of but never accomplished until Patriot.  We develop a turnkey program customized specifically to your operation and needs.  With our Customer preference forms and other systems that we have developed over the past 20 years of experience in the same industry, we can customize the perfect system to compliment your company and current procedures as well as help eliminate procedures and costs that you may no longer need when utilizing our turnkey framing services.  


 Pre-fabricated products allow the structural frame of your project to start before you even have a foundation in the field.  This can be a huge asset for your schedule.  In addition to schedule benefits, prefabrication offers quality control that is simply not possible in field produced framing.  Prefabricated components, wall, roof and floor trusses, are produced in a controlled environment where most measurements, cuts, layout, and assembly is accomplished by computer and held to very close manufacturing tolerances.  In addition to the manufacturing process,  the prefabrication process eliminates the weather elements and all the variables that come with that in the field production.  Even if utilizing your current framing contractor, prefab can greatly benefit your construction cycle times, schedules, budgets, and quality control.  Wall panels actually allow far less skilled labor forces to erect a high quality product in half the time of standard stick frame crews.  And of course, door and window openings that are perfect every time is something everyone can appreciate.  


 We offer pre-engineered roof and floor trusses designed for any wood framed project.  Based on your construction documents, we work directly with you and/or your architect and engineer to create the strongest roof and floor diaphragm for your project at the least possible cost.  Once again these products can be produced prior to your foundation even being poured.  With detailed layout design drawings, any crew can install these quality products quickly and correctly.  This is a great advantage for your tight schedule.